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The FAQ is designed to answer the most frequently asked questions Breast Care International receives. If you have a question that is not answered, please contact us so that we can get you an answer right away.

Q: What is BCI? What does BCI do?
A: BCI is a Kumasi based non-governmental with the vision to be a leading breast healthcare organization in Africa, providing an enabling environment to control the incidence of breast cancer in women. BCI has over the past (15) Fifteen years been conducting outreach programs for women, especially those in deprived communities of Ghana: educating and screening the public for breast cancer- a killer disease that has a matchless attitude to destroy the lives of women in their prime years.

Q: Who started BCI?
A: In 2002, Dr. (Mrs.) Beatrice Wiafe Addai, MD.PhD founded Breast Care International with a team of medical doctors, nurses and other paramedical officers. Dr. Wiafe Addai is the Chie Executive Office Peace And Love Hospitals. Check her profile here.

Q: How are BCI and its programs funded?
A: BCI does not rely on any funding from government. BCI’s support comes entirely from private individuals, associations, foundations, and businesses who entrust us with cash and resources so that we can fulfill the organization’s mission to disseminate quality breast health education, screening, counseling, advocacy, research, treatment and support to intensify breast cancer awareness and improve the quality of life of women at risk with breast cancer.    

Q: How can someone support BCI?
A: You can support BCI activities with resources, kind or cash. Awareness Creation, Oncology Nursing Training, Community Breast Health Promoters Training, Survivorship Training, Research, Annual Walk for the Cure event, Patient Support are some of the activities you can support.

Q: Is my contribution tax-deductible?
A: BCI is a non-profit organization and 100% of contributions are tax deductible.

Q: Will I receive a receipt for my donation?
A: Yes, you will receive official receipt, letter of acknowledgement and appreciation from our office.

Q: Is BCI a registered organization?
A: Yes BCI is a registered organization under Government of Ghana Business Registration Act.
BCI registration number is (Reg. # DSW 1726).