Background of Breast Care International (BCI)

Established in 2002 as a Non-Governmental Organization in Ghana, Breast Care International (BCI) is a leading breast cancer advocacy organization in Africa and Globally, providing enabling environment to enhance early detection and reduce the late stage presentation of breast cancer in Ghana. The mission of BCI is to bring hope, health, and empowerment to communities in Ghana through the provision and dissemination of quality breast cancer education, screening, counseling, advocacy, research, treatment, and support to intensify breast cancer awareness and improve the quality of life of women at risk of getting breast cancer. BCI’s vision is to maximize personal and community wellness through community participation, excellence in public health education and practice, and empowering people to save lives and end late stage breast cancer presentation in Ghana.

Goal and Objectives

The ultimate goal of BCI is to reduce the number of women who present with late stage disease at diagnoses through community outreach and education in the following objectives:

• Strengthen breast cancer awareness by way of outreach educational programs while conducting free breast screening campaigns in local community groups, faith based organizations, educational institutions, civic organizations, offices, markets etc.
• Educate and counsel women diagnosed with breast cancer on availability of different and modern types of breast cancer treatment options
• Establishment of training programs for nurse/peer navigators and voluntary workers who provide outreach homecare services to breast cancer patients in their communities
• Establish breast care centers throughout the country where breast cancer patients and survivors can get together to share and exchange information, ideas, and provide support for each other
• Provide training to healthcare professionals in oncology especially in the area of breast cancer;
• Research into the trend and subtypes of Breast Cancer in our communities.
Over the past 20 years, BCI has been conducting outreach programs for women, especially those in deprived communities by educating and screening the public for signs of breast cancer while increasing community awareness to help downstage the disease at diagnosis, empowering the women with the knowledge for them to make the right decision. BCI has also been expanding the availability of clinical breast examination and screening while advocating for systemic change so that more women have access to quality care and treatment