Breast cancer cases increasing among women under 50 – Dr. Wiafe-Addai

The President of Breast Care International, Dr. Beatrice Wiafe-Addai, has sounded the alarm on the rising cases of breast cancer among women under 50. She stressed that breast cancer is not just a health issue, but also a developmental and economic threat, requiring immediate attention.

“Most of our patients are young, productive women, often the primary breadwinners for their families,” she said, adding that, “it is making this a pressing concern that affects not only their health but also their economic well-being.” She noted that many breast cancer patients face financial ruin, losing their livelihoods and forcing their children to drop out of school due to the high cost of treatment, which is exacerbated by the lack of social support systems for these women.

During a breast cancer awareness session at the Mancell Girls Senior High Technical School in Kumasi, Dr. Wiafe-Addai encouraged students to share knowledge with their families and friends to help combat the disease nationwide.

She emphasized the importance of regular screenings and self-examinations for early detection and treatment, urging women to prioritize their breast health. Dr. Wiafe-Addai stressed that breast cancer should be treated as a medical condition, not a spiritual issue, and that regular check-ups are vital in fighting the disease. The school’s headmistress, Madam Lydia Osei Owusu, expressed her gratitude to the organization for conducting the awareness program, recognizing its significance in empowering the girls with knowledge to protect themselves against breast cancer.

Since its absorption by the government in 2022, the school has been grappling with challenges like limited space. The headmistress is, therefore, urging the government to address these issues to improve the learning environment.

Meanwhile, Mariko Bennett, CEO of Cocob Productions in the USA, visited the school to inspire and empower the girls, aiming to help them set goals and clarify their vision as they grow. Mariko Bennett encouraged the girls to have faith in their abilities, emphasizing the importance of self-confidence and self-worth in achieving their goals.

She urged them to recognize their value and potential, and to believe in themselves as they strive for success.

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