Delta Air Lines’ Kick Breast Cancer Out Program Impacts Kenyasi, Ghana!

Today was a monumental day for the people of Kenyasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana as Delta Airlines ‘Kick Breast Cancer Out Program’ brought free breast cancer education and clinical screening to their doorstep at the Church of Pentecost Auditorium.

With Delta Air Lines’ unwavering support for Breast Care International (BCI), this program has made it possible for the community of Kenyasi to access vital resources and services aimed at combating breast cancer. From educational sessions to clinical screenings, individuals had the opportunity to learn about breast cancer prevention, early detection, and receive crucial screenings to safeguard their health.

This initiative underscores Delta Air Lines’ commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of people around the world. By providing access to essential healthcare services, we are empowering communities and fostering a culture of wellness.

The success of today’s program in Kenyasi is a testament to the power of collaboration between Delta and BCI in the fight against breast cancer. Delta Air Lines remains dedicated to supporting initiatives that prioritize community health and well-being.

Together, we can make strides towards a future where breast cancer is no longer a threat. Let’s continue to stand together and kick breast cancer out for good!

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