The former President of the Republic,  His Excellency, John Agyekum Kuffuor has urged the public to donate to support the efforts of Dr. (Mrs.) Beatrice Wiafe Addai of the Breast Care International (BCI) in seeking remedy for breast cancer disease.

Speaking in a pre-recorded video at the fund raising ceremony by Breast Care International in Accra last Saturday, Mr. Kuffuor noted the devastating effects of breast cancer in women. He noted that despite the remedy available for the treatment of the disease when it is detected early, awareness,he added has not reached every place in Ghana.

This awareness,  he noted could only be done and carried out in  a sustained manner with funds and therefore urged persons in the country to help out in the fund raising drive of BCI.

Mr. Kuffuor noted that breasts were an essential part of the body, especially in women. He noted that apart from the nourishment newly born babies get from the milk in the breasts, that part of the body also provided comfort to husbands during romance making.

He noted that every effort has to be expended to get women all over the world especially in Ghana to become aware of the dangers of breast cancer and the need to check on their breasts both at the house and at the hospital through screening.

Mr. Kufuor commended Dr. (Mrs.) Wiafe for leading both the advocacy and treatment measures of breast cancer in Ghana for over a decade.

“In Dr. (Mrs.) Beatrice Wiafe Addai we have a strong advocate and surgeon to continue with research and treatment for breast cancer and it is therefore needful we all donate and contribute financially to push efforts of sensitization of the public and research for a cure”, Mr.. Kufuor passionately stated.

Speaking to this reporter after the fund raising dinner, Dr Wiafe Addai commended former President Kufuor for his constant support for BCI and the work they do. She also thanked all members of the public including government officials who took part in the fund raising ceremony.

She noted that BCI and its affiliates would continue to depend on the support of Ghanaians so as to be able to reach all women and others in the country with breast cancer awareness.

Dr Wiafe Addai stated that, “early detection of the disease has proven to be the best bet to treating breast cancer and therefore a sustained effort by the Ministry of Health as well as all stakeholders to getting the society conscientized on breast cancer and the remedies available should be pursued”.

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